National Police Academy

Project Key facts

Client: Dutch National Police Academy
Location: De Basis, Doorn The Netherlands
Attendees: 60 (Executive, Management and HR professionals)

Key facts


The theme of the conference was: Tackling long-term absenteeism.
The client asked us to find out what contribution the attendees could give to strengthen the professional empowerment programme. This information was then to be used in a plenary discussion with the attendees. They also wanted to use the information in their newsletter and asked us to wrap up the day into a visual story.

The result:

The conference started of with the attendees! They were asked the following question: What is your internal drive to get here and what contribution from your responsibility, knowledge and expertise will you deliver?
The answers were quickly digitized and analyzed before we hung them on the Red Line Gallery. Together with the client we analyzed the answers and used them to plan the plenary discussion. During this session the answers helped to get the attendees more engaged. They made sure the topics of the discussion were in line with what the audience felt. This way the discussion could quickly move into concrete ways with practical solutions. Meanwhile our visual notetaker let his creative spirits flow and drew the whole conference beautifully. The meters long drawing was digitized after the event and provided the client with plenty of relevant visual content for their future newsletters. Have a look at them in the photo’s below!

Products used:

The Red Line Project helped us design the meeting to get a clear and concrete approach. By asking a question the direction - and therefore the result we wanted to get that day - was clear immediately!
- Monique Kuiper - Communications advisor , Dutch National Police Academy

The beautifully drawn graphical note provided us with plenty of relevant content to communicate after the event.
- Monique Kuiper - Communications advisor , Dutch National Police Academy