Full Red Line Event

Before the event

Meeting design

In collaboration with you we discuss the goals of the event and help you to make sure the design of all the pieces of the event are specially tailored your objectives and mission. We do this, using the Event StoryBoard canvas. We’ll also find out what it is that you would like to ask your audience and transform this into a perfect question!

Costumer journey visualized by a professional artist

During the meeting design process we’ll draw out the customer journey the audience will be making at your event. When the design is finished it’s handed over to a professional artist who makes sure it looks perfect. You’ll end up with an amazing piece of art that keeps inspiring before and after the event!

design tool

During the event

Interactive opening:

During the opening we create a personal setting and simply ask the audience the designed question. The audience then discover and formulates their answers in a unique and autonomous way.

Interactive Opening Harvest of highly relevant data:

The interactive opening results in an explosion of highly relevant data. The data will be used to make workshops, plenaire speakers and the wrap up more relevant to the audiences needs. It’s also used in the data analysis we do after the event.

Harvest Data Creative feedback to the audience:

When the opening is over we’ll fill the whole building with the written asnwers byhanging them on a red line. This will make sure the audience feels that they’re being heard and reminds them of the theme of the day.

Creative Feedback Multiple icebreakers for networking:

Both the interactive opening and the feedback to the audience are perfect icebreakers for networking. They provoke an interest in the answers others have written, resulting in instant networking around a subject you can control!

Networking Wrap up:

For the wrap up we use the data we collect as well as the ethos of the day and combine it into a poem. We then read this poem out to the audience. It’s another way to make the audience feel that they’re being heard and it reminds them of the theme of the day one last time.


Want to book just the wrap up? Click here for your options

Interaction specialists - Optional

Our interaction specialists will strike conversations with members of the audience, unraveling their true thoughts on the day or a subject of your liking. This will give you that extra bit of information you might need from your audience. All done in an adequate way ofcourse!

Interaction Specialist Storytelling workshops - Optional

Alongside a full red line event we also provide storytelling workshops. These workshops are a great networking tool and fit perfectly in combination with a red line event.

Have a look at our Storytelling workshop page to see the full details on what they can do for your event.

Storytelling Workshops

After the event

Digitaly processed answers

All the answers the audience gives during the opening will be processed digitaly and send to you. This will give you a full insight on what your audience’s thoughts on the theme of the day.

Digital Answers Visual notetaking - Optional

What better way than a visual summary to remind your audience of the event during after sales. A professional artist will translate the event into a beautiful piece of art that can be used in after sales and/or as a memento that reminds you of the event.

Visual Notetaking

Have a look at our Summary/Wrap up page to see the full details on what visual note taking can do for your event.


A full red line event is tailor made to your needs! Therefore we need more information from you to give you a price. Please contact us!

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