Meeting Design

Whether you’re a professional event planner looking for inspiration, a marketing manager trying to set up an event or just curious to know how we use the Event StoryBoard (ESB), you’ll find our meeting design sessions to be very helpfull

Event StoryBoard (ESB)

A practical design and facilitation tool that focuses on creating experiences and a story for your event. ESB helps you to design an event through the eyes of the audience. It combines existing mapping tools with the Red Line Project’s experience in using creative freedom to design customer journey storyboards. You can download the ESB Canvas on the dedicated website:

Meeting design sessions

During this stand-alone session we offer you and your team a full meeting design workshop using the ESB canvas. We’ll use an existing case you are working on or a previous/fictional case. The workshop can be done in either 4 hours or a full day. The 4 hour workshop will give you a kickstart in designing an event using our methods, leaving you with a solid foundation for the storyboard. The full day workshop will give you a thoroughly completed storyboard!


Follow up design meeting
A followup session 2-4 weeks later can be included for maximum support!

ESB visualisation
A graphic artist will translate your ideas, look and feel into a professional looking Event Storyboard.

A new model, the easy process and co-creation tool for events!
Juan Pablo Sanchez, Creative Executive Director @ A Small Job, Barcelona