Project Key facts

Client: MPI Dutch Chapter
Location: Philharmonie, Haarlem The Netherlands
Attendees: 200+

Key facts


The theme of our conference is about the senses, Tickle your senses, nothing is what it looks like. We ask you to surprise our members, connect them on a deeper level and summarize the day conference. Basically create a Red Line of the senses.

The result:

The visitors were asked to bring a small personal item (with a story) to the conference. A Red Line full of inspirational items decorated the venue. At the Storytelling workshops we asked the participants to grab an item of the Red Line that inspired them, write a story, share it and provide each other feedback on flowery post-it notes. The result was a long The Red Line with colourfull and inspiring stories creating a lot of attention and curiousity from the visitors looking for stories about their personal item. Finally we summarized the conference with 2 poets tickling many more senses before going home.

Products used:

Thanks for your great contribution to the annual MPI NL Conference . We have received incredible positive reactions about your performance . You have absolutely triggered something.
- Mireille van den Dop - MPI Dutch Chapter, Congres Architect