Our Process

Design - Connect - Collect

Note taking


Our process starts long before the event! In collaboration with you we discuss the goals of the event and make sure the design of all the pieces of the event are specially tailored to your objectives and mission. We do this in multiple interactive design sessions, using the Event StoryBoard tool. During these sessions we’ll also discuss what it is that you would ask your audience if you could have an one on one discussion with them all. We’ll use this information to compose an interactive opening for the event.

Note taking


During the event itself we connect with your audience by providing an interactive opening, storytelling workshops, creative feedback and/or personal contact through our interaction specialists. During the opening we create a personal setting and simply ask the audience the designed question. The audience then discover and formulates their answers in a unique and autonomous way. This results in an explosion of highly relevant data we will use throughout the rest of the event.

The data will be used to make workshops, plenairy speakers and the wrap up more relevant to the audiences needs. On top of that we’ll fill the whole building with all the written answers by hanging them on a red line. The written content will serve as a self-written icebreaker and ignite instant networking between people reading the answers of each other. Meanwhile our interaction specialists will strike conversations with members of the audience, unraveling their true thoughts on the day or a subject of your liking.

Note taking


But that’s not all! When we collect this heart of data (aka water cooler conversations) from your audience, we use it to summarize the event analyticly, visual or in a poem! We use this summery to wrap up the event or give you strategic insights after the event. This way we can make sure that the data collected at the event is not wasted and the voice of the audience takes on a form that you are able to hear.