Storytelling Workshop

Stories are powerful! They invoke engagement when we share them, have the ability to quickly create a deep and personal connection and are easily remembered. That's why we systematically harness the natural power of story into our workshops.

Our Award Winning Workshop

Our storytelling workshops are all about creating and sharing. We believe that everyone has a compelling story that inspires others and creates lasting connections. Whether you want to create a powerful icebreaker to start your event, strengthen leadership skills or fuel team building. In our workshop you'll not only be able to create your personal story, you'll get to share it with the others. Making it both an engaging and meaningful networking tool.

The storytelling workshops can be used as Storytelling for events that want to ignite instant networking, and create a shared experience for their audience almost instantly. Or as Storytelling for leaders, for organizations that want to develop their leaders’ ability to influence, build engagement and inspire their people to take action.

Attendees: minimum 15
Duration: 30 min - full day
Awards won: Best session Fresh 2014
Facilitators: Martijn Timmermans / Arjan Amin / Tim Corporaal


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