Project Key facts

Client: TEDxBinnenhof
Location: Riddderzaal / Hall of Knights, Dutch Parliament, The Hague, The Netherlands
Attendees: 500 (incl. King & Queen of the Netherlands, Ministers and Ambassadors) + live stream to 41 countries covering all continents


TEDxBinnenhof is to celebrating innovation and ideas, inspire and show the way forward for a better future. Innitiated and hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Ten days before the event we contacted the organisation and advised them that they could and should also tap into the knowlegde, ideas and inspiration of the global audience. Eventhough every second of the program was accounted for, they were convinced of our unconventional approach and ideas.

The result:

From the moment of entering the historical and monumental building you were guided by a Red Line with inspirational words and drawings into the magnificent Hall of Knights. We openend TEDx with one question for the audience (live stream too):

“If I could change anything to create a better world, what innovation would that be?”.

The handwritten answers were displayed transparantly on the Red Line Gallery and digitally in a mindmap. Poetry Jockeys digested the awnsers into a poem wrapping up TEDx in a live performance on stage.

Products used: