The Benefits

Flexible: anytime, anywhere, any target group

Any target group

We use tools that anyone can use! Any nationality, any background and any age. Our secret? Pen and paper!

Create a shared experience

Shared Experience

When you’re out of your comfortzone you are more likely to shape a bond and remember an experience. That’s why we open events in such a way that everyone in the audience drawn into the moment, fully engaged and captivated by the uniqueness of it. Because it’s unlike anything they’ve encountered before at an event and yet suprisingly familiar, we create a perfect setting for a shared experience.

Ignite instant networking


Your audience will be triggered to network during the interactive opening, at the workshops and inbetween sessions. Using multiple tools that boost intrensic motivation and create and instant bond, the ice will be broken in no time!

Harvest the heart of data

Event Audience

How awesome would it be if you could have a conversation with your audience withouth having to wonder if they are trying to please you with the answers they give? Luckily this is exactly what we do for you! With our interaction specialists being trained to strike conversations in such a way that they are seen as ‘not connected to the boss’, we are able to get real information from your audience. Or as we like to call it: The heart of data!

Ease of use: no technical constraints

No Tech Constrains

Because we use pen and paper we don’t constrain your audience to share what they want with the rest of the event. The paper is blanc when they get it, leaving it up to them if they write, draw or make up something completely new. Best of all: You don't need wifi!