What We Do

We specialize in designing and co-creating events that, from start to finish, connect, engage and inspire audiences. We believe that this can only be done when all pieces of an event are in line with eachother and specially tailored to your objectives and mission.

To be able to achieve this we’ve developed our own design tool: The Event StoryBoard. We use the Event StoryBoard to visualize the customer journey of your audience, making it easier to design an event that is aligned to your needs.

But that’s not all!

Red Line Answers

We have an array of very user friendly tools we use to engage and connect your audience, igniting instant networking and creating a shared experience. These tools are made in such a way that they amplify eachother and are fully adjustable to your events needs.

They also enable us to gather highly relevent data from your audience providing you with strategic insights based on your audiences’ needs. These insights can then be given to the audience during the event or to your business.

Curious how we achieve this and what products we have to offer?

Check out our process and products page!

Note taking