Wrap Up

All good things must come to an end, so why not do it in style? We create wrap-ups and summaries inspired by the event itself. Have a look below at the options regarding a wrap up or summary!

Wrap up poem

For the wrap up we let the event, the audience and the ethos of the day inspire our writers. This inspiration will be combined and transformed into a poem. Our writers then read this poem out to the audience in a plenaire session. As they use the audience as an inspiration, the poem serves as a way to make the audience feel that they’re being heard. It also reminds them of the main themes of the day one last time before the event is over. This way they’ll go home remembering the whole event and not just the last hours! On top of that it makes a great piece of content to use during aftersales!

Cost: Starting at €1050,-

Visual note taking

What better way than a visual summary to remind your audience of the event during after sales. A professional artist will translate the event into a beautiful piece of art that can be used in after sales and/or as a memento that reminds you of the event. Have a look at some of the artists work here:

Cost: Starting at €1050,-